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Slither towards tasty treats in Wormate.io. This online multiplayer game challenges you to eat cake, candies, and cookies to grow. You can accelerate in front of other worms to trap them. Find potions to activate special abilities, and become the heaviest worm in the arena! Come and play wormate.io now for free here on Poki!

How to play Wormate.io?

Use your finger on the mobile phone or mouse on the PC to move around. Press the screen with your finger or use your left mouse button to speed up. However, speeding up will decrease your size! You grow bigger by eating the snacks. Make other players bump into you so you can eat their food. But, be careful to not bump into other players or you will die. The biggest worms will show up in the live high score list. Circling around other worms is an effective way to take them out. The bigger you are, the easier you can circle around small worms.

Power-Ups in Wormate.io

Pick up different power-ups that will help you for a limited time. Below we listed what all power ups do:

  • Magnet:
    Pulls food towards you.
  • Crisscross:
    Make sharper turns.
  • Multiplier:
    Every piece of food makes you bigger.
  • Lock:
    Gives you a big amount of food.
  • Speed Boost:
    Increases your movement speed.
  • Magnifying Glass:
    The camera zooms out for more visibility.
  • Question Mark:
    Gives you any of the above power ups.

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Release Date

October 2016


Oleksandr Godoba

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