Rodeo Stampede

Featherweight4.6648,039 votes

Rodeo Stampede is an adventure game created by Featherweight where you see how long you can ride and befriend wild animals. So giddy up! Rodeo Stampede online is ready for you to tame some wild beasts. Grab your lasso and jump from buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more in this wild Savannah world. Hold on tight so you don't get thrown off! Stay on long enough in Rodeo Stampede on Poki and you might just make some new animal friends. Bring them to your zoo and make money! Play Rodeo Stampede online for free to explore the Savannah and discover all kinds of exotic creatures.

How to play?

  • Arrow keys - Steer
  • Space - Jump from animal to animal

Tips and tricks:

  • Don't get comfy! Stay on one animal too long and they'll buck you off!
  • Expand and manage your zoo to earn more money.

About the creator:

Rodeo Stampede is created by Featherweight, based in Sydney, Australia. They are also the creators of Skiing Yeti Mountain, Rodeo Stampede Tundra and Rodeo Stampede Mountains.

Rodeo Stampede is amongst the most popular-games on Poki, together with games like Subway Surfers and bullet-force-multiplayer.