Rhino Rush Stampede

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Rhino Rush Stampede is a runner game where you help the little blue Rhino make his way through a dangerous jungle to find the most delicious fruits. You must collect as many fruits as you can, so you can spend them on fun and powerful upgrades such as gadgets, vehicles, pets, companions, and even improvements to your rhino such as double-jumping. Supercharge your stampede with the temporary buffs like the super hot chili pepper that lets you bash through obstacles and make this adventure fun! Make sure to share your high score with friends and see if they can beat you!

How can I get upgrades?

Collect fruit and visit the Shaman's store to purchase upgrades.

Can I customize my character?

There is a collection of silly hats for you to try on.

How to play Rhino Rush Stampede?

Jump - W or Up

Dash - S, D, Down or Right

Who created Rhino Rush Stampede?

Rhino Rush Stampede is created by XFormGames. Play their other games on Poki: Gladiator True Story, rally-point-4, Rally Point 3, Go Kart Go! Ultra!, and Burnin' Rubber 5 XS