Go Kart Go! Ultra!

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Start your engines and get ready to Go Kart Go! Ultra! Choose your driver wisely and race around Old Station, Central Park, Watermill Mine, and more. Play Go Kart Go! Ultra! On Poki and collect stars to unlock new characters. Give the two-player racing mode a try and compete against your friends. Win a round of Go Kart Go! Ultra online and earn ultimate bragging rights!


Player 1
Arrow keys - Steer
Space - Use item
Shift - Jump and drift
Z - Look back
Esc/P - Pause
M - Mute sound

Player 2
WASD keys - Steer
Q - Use item
Tab - Jump and drift
E - Look back
Esc/P - Pause
M - Mute sound

About the creator:
Xform Games is based in the Netherlands and is also the creator behind Rally Point 5.