Duo Survival

7Spot Games4.41,181,920 votes

Duo Survival is a 2-player cooperative game by 7Spot Games where you help two apocalypse survivors escape from the zombies through obstacle-filled levels. Join this duo of brave adventurers and enter a post-apocalyptic world full of hungry zombies. Play with a friend and solve exciting puzzles, step on buttons, open doors, activate elevators... and lead the characters to the cure for the virus. This is your last chance: Decide the fate of humanity in Duo Survival!


Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys
Jump - W or Up arrow key
Kick/Throw bottle - S or Down arrow key

About the creator:

Duo Survival was created by 7Spot Games, a Lithuanian video game developer and publisher. Play their other entertaining games for free on Poki: Duo Vikings, Duo Survival 2, ZOOM-BE, ZOOM-BE 2, ZOOM-BE 3 and Truck Loader 5