Double Panda

Neutronized4.641,155 votes

Double Panda is an adorable single or two-player platform game where you guide a giant panda and a red panda to reach the end! Each panda has its unique abilities—the red panda climbs bamboo and collects keys, while the giant panda swims across the water and jumps on enemies. When the platform is too high to reach? Don't worry! These two pandas can collaborate, with one carrying the other to become stronger together. Can you and your friends coordinate as seamlessly as our two cute pandas?

How to play Double Panda?

  • Move: use WASD or the arrow keys
  • Swap panda: Spacebar

How to play Double Panda with two players?

The giant panda

  • Move: use WASD

The red panda

  • Move: use the arrow keys

Who created Double Panda?

Double Panda is created by Neutronized. Play their other game on Poki: Slime Laboratory, Slime Laboratory 2, Snow Tale, Picnic Penguin, Magic Bridge, Lost Yeti, Yokai Dungeon, Mimelet, Drop Wizard Tower, Dyna Boy and Slime Pizza!

How can I play Double Panda for free?

You can play Double Panda for free on Poki.

Can I play Double Panda on mobile devices and desktop?

Double Panda can only be played on your computer for now.

Can I play Double Panda with my friend?

Yes! Double Panda is a single or local multiplayer game so you can play with your friend on the same computer!