Yokai Dungeon

Neutronized4.321,167 votes

Yokai Dungeon is a puzzle platform game created by Neutronized. Explore an ever-changing beautiful land inspired by Japanese folklore. Help our friend Tanuki (and 19 additional characters) clear randomly generated dungeons of treasures and foes. Smash movable objects against your enemies and collect loot. Use the cash you've earned to unlock more characters and explore their unique story and abilities. Yokai Dungeon contains six different areas that are divided into separate rooms. Explore these rooms to find special surprises such as a singular shop room and a boss room! You will find many surprises in this game. Can you unlock every character in Yokai Dungeon?

How to play:

Move - WASD or Arrow keys

Push blocks - Tapping or Space bar

About the creator:

Yokai Dungeon is created by Neutronized, a game developer based in Italy. They have other addictive games on Poki: Slime Pizza, Drop Wizard Tower, Magic Bridge, Picnic Penguin and lost-yeti