Dadish 3

Thomas K. Young4.351,347 votes

Are you ready for a new dad-venture? Dadish 3 is a platform game where you're a radish daddy who's in charge of finding your kids. A suspicious bus has taken your kids to a field trip, and your fatherly senses are telling you something is wrong and your kids might be turned into radish soup! Rescue your little radishes by splashing through a sewer, getting lost in the desert, befriending and riding a dolphin, and reluctantly reuniting with your estranged spouse - none other than Momato! Are you ready for the most entertaining and challenging Dadish adventure yet?

How to play Dadish 3?

Move - WASD or Arrow keys

Jump - Space bar

Who created Dadish 3?

Dadish 3 is created by Thomas K. Young, a game developer based in New Zealand. Play their other games on Poki: Dadish, Dadish 2, Fowlst, Super Fowlst, and Super Fowlst 2