Keyboard Games

Play our collection of typing games and two-player games that can be played using a single keyboard! Play collaborative multiplayer titles like Duo Survival and ZOOM-BE, battle locally against your friends in Minibattles or Football Masters. There are also fast-paced word typing games such as Fast Typer 3, action-packed Typing Fighter, and even rhythm games like Friday Night Funkin'!

Which games can I play with my friend using a single keyboard?

  1. ZOOM-BE
  2. Duo Survival
  3. Duo Vikings
  4. Wrassling
  5. PartyToons
  6. Bacon May Die
  7. Flipchamps Dual Strike

Which games can I play to improve my typing skills?

  1. Fast Typer 3
  2. Fast Typer 2
  3. Fast Typer
  4. Typing Fighter
  5. Piano Tiles 2

What are the most popular keyboard only games?

  1. Friday Night Funkin'
  2. Piano Tiles 2
  3. ZOOM-BE
  4. Duo Survival
  5. Duo Vikings
  6. Fast Typer 3

How to play keyboard games?

You can find the controls in the description panel located below the game page. The most common controls are listed below.

  • Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • Press the space bar to jump or interact
  • Hit the escape key to pause and resume