Bacon May Die

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In Bacon May Die you are a pig fighting your way through hordes of enemies. You are a skilled fighter and you have a gun at your disposal if the horde of enemies gets too large. Bacon May Die is a funny game which you can also play with two players on the same computer. Go into the 'coop'-mode to beat the your enemies together with your friends. Don't forget to personalise your piggy with different items such as hats, glasses, necklaces or pants. You can make countless different combinations to make your pig the coolest one in town. By the way, don't forget to bring your pet chicken to the battle because it has a ferocious beak.


Player 1

Move & fight - arrow keys
Shoot - press and hold left/right arrow

Player 2

Move & fight - WASD
Shoot - press and hold A/D

About the creator:

Bacon May Die is created by SnoutUp Games based in Lithuania. You might know SnoutUp Games from swine-themed fighter Iron Snout

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