Gun Games

Head out west, and get ready to shoot in one of our online gun games! You’ll feel like a real cowboy, wearing chaps, a slick cowboy hat, and clicking your boots as you become a pro gunslinger. Pick your favorite weapon, and engage in a high-risk shootout in our challenges! You can take on opponents in a variety of Wild West environments, from popular saloons to barren deserts. Feel the heat, smell the smoke of your barrel, and prepare for battle. Settle the score with your dangerous weapons! Shoot with all types of guns, think of snipers, assault rifles, pistols, and more. Use guns like the AK-47, M16, AUG, FAMAS, and M4A1. For example, play the game mode 'Gungame' in Blockpost to experience all sorts of guns!

Aim with complete precision and control your character just by using your mouse and keyboard. Our gun games give you different crosshairs options, gun choices, and characters with which to play. The shooting possibilities are seemingly endless! Take down one opponent in a duel, or clear out an entire saloon in a bloody battle. Several games in our collection give you a first-person perspective like in our First Person Shooter Games. So you can stare down the barrel of your six-shooters and cause destruction from a realistic in-game view!

All our Gun Games can be played on your PC without downloading. Some of our games can also be played on your mobile phone or tablet. Enjoy shooting with all kinds of guns here on Poki!

What are the best free Gun Games online?

  2. Stick Merge
  3. Combat Reloaded
  4. Blockpost
  5. Airport Clash 3D
  7. Winter Clash 3D
  8. Rebels Clash
  9. Stick Veterans
  10. War Master

What are the most popular Gun Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  2. Stick Merge
  3. Combat Reloaded
  4. Airport Clash 3D
  5. Winter Clash 3D