Angry Zombie

Aron Sommer4.34,243 votes

Angry Zombie is a crazy 2d shooter game. You are a zombie on a platform and humans and bears are attacking you from left and right! Shoot them by walking in their direction with your gun pointed at them. To make the playing field even more hectic, you are being bombed with meteorites and people falling from the sky. Try to set a new highscore and you will be rewarded with weapon-upgrades along the way. Grab the stars that are falling from the sky to gain some extra points, the bigger the star, the more points you'll get. What is your highscore?

How to play:

Walk and shoot left - left arrow
Walk and shoot right - right arrow

About the creator:

Angry Zombie is created by Aron Sommer. He is also known for Supergun and Eagle Ride.

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