Blocky Universe

d954mas4.532,222 votes

In Blocky Universe, you set out on an adventure in a world full of monsters! With your trusty bow and your ax, it's up to you to defeat hordes of zombies, skeletons and other enemies. To do that, you will have to get strong! Cutting wood will help you become a better and faster archer, while spending coins will help you cut wood faster. By upgrading both, you'll become the best combination of a lumberjack and an archer in no time! Can you defeat all the bosses, fix the portal and make it back home?

How to play Blocky Universe?

  • Use the mouse to move through the management menus and to pass the ball in matches!
  • Use WASD to walk around!

Who created Blocky Universe?

Blocky Universe is created by d954mas. Play their other game on Poki: Mr Boomi!

How can I play Blocky Universe for free?

You can play Blocky Universe for free on Poki.

Can I play Blocky Universe on mobile devices and desktop?

Blocky Universe can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.