Survival Builder

NoPowerup4.663,765 votes

Survival Builder is an idle simulation game where you must survive on a deserted island by building everything from scratch. Start by a simple primitive bamboo and work your way up to the most impeccable house you can imagine. Recruit workers and assign different tasks from brick making, lumberjacking, to as advanced tasks as house building. You are in total control of managing the process to optimize your tribe's workflow and getting the houses built as perfectly as possible. Accumulate coins, get yourself some rewards, and finish building the bamboo houses in each round to unlock more exciting survival houses with surprising features such as a water well, swimming pool, and so on! So grab your tools and join in on the fun!

How to play Survival Builder?

Tap or left-mouse click on a piece of land, object or worker to interact with it.

Who created Survival Builder?

Survival Builder is created by NoPowerup, a game development company based in Vietnam. Play their other fun idle management and clicker games on Poki: Idle Tree City, Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Lumber Inc, Idle Light City, Idle Success, Horse Shoeing, Merge Battle, ShootZ and Traffic Rush!