Monster Truck Games

Our monster truck games provide fast-paced and high-octane fun for all kinds of players. You can get behind the wheel of a monstrous vehicle, and feel the horsepower underneath the engine. In our monster truck challenges, you can choose between dozens of different vehicles to drive. Select your favorite truck color, decals, and wheels, and get ready to go! We have plenty of challenging courses, big ramps, and tough obstacles. Our collection will have you plowing through levels and earning thousands of points!

Controlling our monster trucks is as simple as using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Control the gas, brakes, and balance of your giant 4x4 using only 4 keys. With such simple controls, you’ll be driving like a pro in no time at all! Some challenges give you extra options, such as a NOS boost or other power-ups. Gather enough speed, hit ramps at the right angle, and fly through the sky in a giant four-wheeler! Go off-road, over junkyard cars, and through obstacles in our monster truck games!

What are the best free Monster Truck Games online?

  1. Monster Tracks
  2. Real Simulator Monster Truck
  3. Monsters' Wheels Special
  4. Drive Mad
  5. Extreme Off Road Cars
  6. Mad Truck Challenge Special
  7. Monster Truck Racing Arena
  8. School Bus Demolition Derby
  9. Demolition Derby Crash Racing
  10. Brain For Monster Truck

What are the most popular Monster Truck Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Monster Tracks
  2. Drive Mad
  3. Brain For Monster Truck
  4. Monster Truck: Forest Delivery
  5. Hard Truck