Truck Games

Our truck games take the driving experience to a whole new level. Take control of one of many different types of 18-wheelers, and complete different missions “on the job." You can drive a farmer’s rig, transport goods on a dump truck, or even drive over dangerous construction yards! We have challenges for all types of players; whether you’re looking for high-octane fun or a relaxing adventure, we have the perfect game for you. Test your skills with a double-clutch, and shift your way across lengthy highways on a mission to earn virtual cash and points!

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer a mini-dump truck or a hefty 18-wheeler. With easy-to-learn controls, you’ll be able to drive a big rig like a pro! In several games, you’ll race across steep terrain, attempting to keep your cargo on board before time runs out. Drive too recklessly, and your rig might explode! Enjoy the many different types of gameplay and try your turn at action, adventure, and even strategy-based driving. Pick out your favorite type of rig, and start playing as a big rig driver in one of our truck games today.

What are the best free Truck Games online?

  1. Off-Road Rain Cargo Simulator
  2. 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator
  3. 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2
  4. Just Park It 12
  5. Extreme Off Road Cars 3: Cargo
  6. BoxRob
  7. Extreme Off Road Cars
  8. School Bus Demolition Derby
  9. Just Park It 11
  10. Drive Mad

What are the most popular Truck Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Just Park It 12
  2. BoxRob
  3. Drive Mad
  4. Truck Traffic
  5. Monster Tracks