Monster Truck Shadow Racer

Brain Software4.235,873 votes

Monster Truck Shadow Racer is a racing game where the stage is shrouded in darkness. Make your way through all the obstacles and opponents to win the race. Don't forget to grab all the fuel boxes, and make sure to perform flips for extra points! There are over 30 levels in the game and four new trucks to unlock. Sounds exciting already? You know what they say about truck races: As the brightness goes down, the excitement goes up! (They don't say that, we just made it up.)

How to play:

Move - W/S or Arrow keys
Brake - Space
Boost - Left Shift

About the creator:

Monster Truck Shadow Racer is created by BrainSoftware. Check out their other games Fortride: Open World, Car Drift Racers 2, Extreme Off Road Cars 3: Cargo, Just Park It 11 and 2 Player City Racing on Poki!