Extreme Off Road Cars

Brain Software4.4210,516 votes

Extreme Off Road Cars is a challenging 4x4 experience where you get to test your driving skills on rough and bumpy terrain. Finish all the levels while upgrading your vehicles and unlocking new ones by spending the gold coins you collect on your way. The stages get exponentially harder, so you must be as careful and agile as possible if you want to finish this game. How far can you drive in Extreme Off Road Cars?

How to play:

Use your keyboard arrow keys to control the acceleration and turning of your vehicle and try to control it through a series of obstacles and roads.
Move - WASD or Arrow keys
Brake - Space
Attach Winch - Left Click
Pull the Car - C

About the creator:

Extreme Off Road Cars 3: Cargo is created by Brain Software. Check out their other games Fortride: Open World, 2 Player City Racing and Just Park It 11 on Poki!