Demolition Derby Crash Racing

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Demolition Derby Crash Racing is a online racing game created by Destruction Crew. In this game you have to survive in an arena of fast racing cars by destroying the other cars.

Choose your muscle car and start racing in a variety of modes, and destroy all the cars in your way. The game features multiple tracks, events, modes and cars for you to unlock. Make sure to avoid the high speed incoming cars, and becoming a car wreck. The game features a realistic crash physics engine, making wrecking other cars look and feel even better.

Buy new cars or upgrade your car in the garage. Upgrade the engine, armor, breaks and more! Try the new endless mode, and survive as long as possible in the arena, and set a new high score! Race, avoid, crash and defeat your opponents to become the ultimate Demolition Derby Crash Racing champion.


WASD - move 
Space - nitro
Esc - menu

About the creator:

Demolition Derby Crash Racing was created by Destruction Crew, based in the Netherlands. They have also created Rocket Soccer Derby which is now available on Poki.

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