Stunt Car Challenge 3

Hyperkani4.2309,413 votes

Stunt Car Challenge 3 is a cool stunt car game where you are racing across a track to get a fast time, whilst doing the most amazing stunts. Make front and back flips to collect more coints along the way. Get a 3 star rating by collecting all the coins. With these stars you unlock a new area called Port, with many new levels. There are a total of 15 awesome vehicles for you to unlock. For every car there are all kinds of different upgrades you can apply to it to make it the best car on the track. Upgrade your engine, tires, suspension and much more. And don't forget to buy a nice paint job for your car, to really make it your own. Stunt your way through the levels, and earn 3 stars to become the ultimate Stunt Car Challenge driver!  


Throttle - up arrow
Tilt forward/backward - left/right arrow

About the creator:

Stunt Car Challenge 3 was created by Hyperkani. He is also known for being the creator of Bomber Friends, which is a multiplayer bomberman-game.

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