Moto X3M

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Race your motorbike on courses with massive, moving obstacles! Moto X3M features completely wild ramps and traps. You can flip in the air to decrease your final time and earn a perfect score. Know when to stop and enjoy the ride.

Moto x3m was first released as a web flash game in 2016. Later on it was ported as a html5 game by Madpuffers. Since it has been one of the most popular games in the Bike category.

How to play?

- press space to start
- use the up key to speed up
- use the down key to break
- use left and right arrow to position your self straight
- do lots of backflips for extra time

Who developed Moto X3M?

The whole Moto X3m series was developed by Madpuffers. Other titles by Madpuffers are: Moto Delight, Y8 Football League and Road Warrior.
Moto X3M is one of our selected Bike Games .

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