Boat Games

Become a captain, and show off your skills in one of our water adventures. We have plenty of options to satisfy your water sport needs, including water races and stunt tracks. Shift into full throttle mode, and spin, flip, and catch big air in your very own ship! Our boat games are full of exciting action, featuring high speeds and tons of stunts. You can even power a boat through tracks reminiscent of the Hyrdo Thunder arcade classics. The sights, sounds, and gameplay will keep you coming back for more!

Our collection also features alternative water adventures. You can practice docking your ship in one of our watercraft parking challenges. In these boat games, you’ll race against the clock to park your ship without any damage. In other challenges, you can race pirate ships, speedboats, and even personal rafts. There is a wide variety of courses available, giving you the choice between river rapids, lakes, and vast oceans. For an arcade challenge, race bumpers on an enclosed track!

What are the best free Boat Games online?

  1. Battleships Armada
  2. Hydro Storm 2
  3. Battleship War
  5. Raft Wars
  6. Raft Wars Multiplayer
  7. Sink It
  8. Raft Wars 2

What are the most popular Boat Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Battleships Armada
  2. Battleship War
  4. Raft Wars
  5. Raft Wars Multiplayer