Hydro Storm 2

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Hydro Storm 2 is a 3D jet ski racing game where you must come in first place among dangerous opponents. In a post-apocalyptic world and ruinous cities, your only friend is your armed jet ski. Eliminate other racers before they shoot you down and gain momentum. Trigger power-ups that you get along the race track and use them to your advantage. Complete challenges such as Metro Mayhem, Harboring Destruction, River Ruckus and more. Watch out for explosive sea mines, and try to grab a rocket to kill your enemies instantly. Do you have what it takes to complete all of the challenges in first place?

Which vehicles can I use?

  • Wavecutter
  • Razor V2
  • Thunderfish

Are there weapons?

Your jet ski has built-in weapons, and you can also pick up more power-ups during the race.

  • Machine gun
  • Spreadgun
  • Minigun

How many cities are there?

Hydro Storm 2 has six apocalpytic cities.

How to get a speed boost?

Perform stunts to get temporary speed boosts.

How to play Hydro Storm 2?

  • Steer - WASD or Arrow keys
  • Primary weapon - Z or LMB
  • Secondary weapon - X or RMB
  • Pause - P or Esc
  • Mute - M

Who created Hydro Storm 2?

Hydro Storm 2 is created by XFormGames on September 22, 2014. Play their other games on Poki: Rhino Rush Stampede, Gladiator True Story, rally-point-4, Rally Point 3, Go Kart Go! Ultra!, and Burnin' Rubber 5 XS