Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook is a skill game where you play as a swinging stickman through hundreds of levels, created by Madbox. Can you control your swing? Play Stickman Hook on Poki and you’ll need to! This fun, colorful stickman game offers over 100 challenging levels. Unlock unique characters along the way to switch things up while you swing. Pay attention to the angle and direction of your swing to make it to the finish line!

Space/left mouse click - Hold to swing

Tips and tricks:

- Don’t get distracted by every hook you see! Not all of them are necessary to cross the finish line.
- You might still be swinging even if you can’t see yourself. As long as you’ve got a line to a hook, you’ve got a chance!

How many levels are there in Stickman Hook?
There are 100 action-packed levels to play in Stickman Hook online.

About the creator:
Stickman Hook is created by Madbox, based in France. They are also the creators of Dash Valley, Monster Copter,, and West Gangs. Stickman Hook is one of our selected App Store Games.

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