Stickman Army: Team Battle

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Stickman Army: Team Battle is a stickman fighting game created by Playtouch. This stickman-game is a cool turn-based game where each turn you can choose to increase the size of your army, improve the skills of your current fighters or use extra tools to defeat your enemy stickmen. Battle against an enemy stickman army and try to eliminate their leader. The more armies you defeat, the more experienced your stickmen get and the stronger your enemies get. Complete the game by destroying all armies of the enemy.
Stickman Army: Team Battle is an HTML5 game that you can play on Poki both on your desktop as on your mobile device in your browser for free.

Stickman Army: Team Battle is a turn-based game. When it's your turn:
- Use the mouse to select if you want to
1) Increase your army
2) Improve their skills/weapons
3) Use a special weapon
- Push the red button to start the spinner and push it again to stop, so that you an see which upgrade you get. 

About the creator:

Stickman Army: Team Battle is created by Playtouch. They are also the creators behind the other Stickman Army and Stickman Fighter games.