Mouse Games

Skill with a computer mouse is handy in many aspects of computing. Our mouse games will put you right into intense gaming action. Modify physics environments, move balls through challenging courses, and try to earn a new high score! Several of our challenges give you control over individual pixels. In these games, you’ll be challenged to avoid obstacles as the world around you changes. Our collection allows you to solve puzzles and set new records; control your cursor and attempt to complete one of thousands of levels!

Play in abstract environments, move balls in a plain field, or enjoy glowing, 3D graphics in our collection. Your mouse is all you need to weave between objects, control your character, and set new high scores. Play The Line Game, classic Squares action, and Click Maze 2 in our mouse games collection. We offer all types of gameplay, giving you tons of different ways to test your right-hand abilities. Move swiftly on your mousepad, control a track ball calmly, and try not to shake!