Rock Paper Clicker

Codebolt4.311,230 votes

Rock Paper Clicker is a clicker game that elevates the classic rock paper scissors experience to another level. You're not limited to only some rocks and department store objects in this game. Instead, you deal with water, fire, air, sponges, humans, guns, wolves, and if you play for long enough, even more entertaining surprises! It's very easy to play: Simply click on a matter or object from the list that will beat the current one on the screen. Put on your thinking hat and try to visualize how these matters and objects can interact with each other. Do you have the mastery it takes to finish Rock Paper Clicker?

How to play Rock Paper Clicker?

Destroy the given item on the screen by selecting another one that beats it. For example: Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper.

Select item - Left mouse click

Who created Rock Paper Clicker?

Rock Paper Clicker was developed by Codebolt, a game development team in the United States. This is their first game on Poki!

Can I play Rock Paper Clicker on mobile and desktop?

Rock Paper Clicker is playable on your desktop.

Can I play Rock Paper Clicker for free?

You can play Rock Paper Clicker for free on Poki.