Idle Light City

NoPowerup4.561,504 votes

Idle Light City is a management game created by NoPowerup. Help a city shrouded in darkness to regain its light. Run the lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can to illuminate the town. Start with a single building and keep unlocking new buildings and lighting them up to earn money. Maximize your earnings with power-ups, purchase upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city. Freely interact with the game whenever you have the time to speed up the productions of lightbulb. Or let the city operate on its own, as you watch it slowly regaining its light. Make sure to interact with the town's cute citizens and become their savior. Do you have the power to light up an entire town?

How to play:

Click or tap on the empty slot or building to select it. Follow the on-screen instructions to place the unit on the slot. Additionally, pay attention to the multiple building options in the pop-up windows that open.

About the creator:

Idle Light City was created by NoPowerup. Play their other idle games on Poki: Horse Shoeing, Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Success, Idle Lumber Inc, ShootZ, Merge Battle and Traffic Rush!