Day of Meat: Radiation

Lampogolovii4.4101,777 votes

Day of Meat: Radiation is an idle tower defense game about staying alive in a post-apocalpytic wasteland. After the planet is destroyed by a doomsday event, radioactive monsters have started wreaking havoc. It's your duty to protect yourself and your base from the waves of scary monsters attacking you. Your base will automatically shoot every enemy, but your job is to research and upgrade the base efficiently without being overwhelmed by hordes. Discover and upgrade new weapons, facilities, projectiles, health regeneration, surprising unique powers, and much more! Pay attention to the fact that the upgrades you apply in the Lab will be permanent. So keep a good balance between real-time research and lab upgrades, and make sure you speed up the game whenever necessary. Don't forget to share it with your friends to see who can stay alive longer!

How do you play Day of Meat: Radiation?

Click or tap on an upgrade at the bottom of your screen. If the button is green, you have sufficient funds to research it. If it's red, you need to save some more.

Who created Day of Meat: Radiation?

Day of Meat is created by Lampogolovii. Play their other idle shooting game on Poki: Day of Meat!

How can I play Day of Meat: Radiation for free?

You can play Day of Meat: Radiation for free on Poki.

Can I play Day of Meat: Radiation on mobile devices and desktop?

Day of Meat: Radiation can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.