Day of Meat

Lampogolovii4.399,403 votes

Day of Meat is an idle tower defense game created by Lampogolovii. A mysterious comet has just hit the planet, and bloodthirsty monsters have started appearing coincidentally. So arm up and get ready to protect yourself from the waves of scary monsters attacking you. Our hero will take care of the shooting while you manage the defenses. Discover and upgrade new weapons, facilities, projectiles, health regeneration, surprising unique powers, and much more! Pay attention to the fact that the upgrades you apply in the Lab will be permanent. Pro tip: You can use the toggle at the top left to speed up the game! The world needs you, so get ready to research and purge!

How to play:

Click or tap on an upgrade at the bottom of your screen to research it. If the button is green, you have sufficient funds to research it. If it's red, you need to save some more. The game will do the shooting for you.

About the creator:

Day of Meat is created by Lampogolovii. This is their first game on Poki!