Combat Reloaded 2

NadGames4.3815,620 votes

Combat Reloaded 2 is a first person shooter multiplayer game and the sequel to the popular titles Combat Reloaded and Combat Online. Both were developed by NadGames. Step into the arena and get ready for an all out battle. Choose from tons of different maps for the setting of our fight and be prepared to arm yourself with several different weapons. Combat your enemies in an all-out battle to see which team will come out on top! Do you have the skills to rise to the top?

How to play?

  • Mouse - Aim and shoot
  • WASD - Move round the arena
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • 1-9 number keys - Change weapons
  • Shift - Sprint
  • B - Buy weapons
  • Tab - Menu while in game

About the developer:

Combat Reloaded 2 is created by NadGames, based in Mexico. They are also the creators of Combat Reloaded and Combat Online (Combat 5).