Rebels Clash

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Rebels Clash is an online shooting game, developed by NadGames. The game features a 'death match'-mode and a 'Battle Royale'-mode. In a death match you are playing against other players online and the goal is to make as many kills as you can and to die as little as possible. After death you will respawn to improve your score. In the Battle Royale-mode you only have one chance to become the winner, and that is by killing everyone else that is still alive in the game. If you die, you're gone for good. Collect different items such as weapons, health and grenades to grow your arsenal and defeat the other players.


Move around - WASD
Aim/Shoot - Mouse
Zoom - RMB or 'Ctrl' or 'Alt'
Crouch - C
Dash - LShift
Grenade - G

About the creator:

NadGames developed Rebels Clash. He has also created the Combat series which comprehends of Combat Reloaded, Combat Reloaded 2 and Combat Online.