PixWars 2

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PixWars 2 is a multiplayer shooter game where you have to face off against a horde of zombies. You are all dropped in a city, and you have to fight to survive. By fighting you earn cash that you can spend on better weapons, skins and wood. The wood can be used to build structures. You can also spend money on a turret! There are also multiple vehicles in the city that you can drive around in. There are multiple types of zombies, so be careful of them but also of other players! Can you survive in Pixwars 2? 


Shoot / Build - mouse click
Move - WASD
Build menu - E
Jump - spacebar
Enter vehicle / buy - F

About the creator: 

PixWars 2 was created by NadGames. They are known for games like Combat Reloaded, Combat Reloaded 2, Combat Online and Rebels Clash, all playable on Poki!