Stick Veterans

Junkbytes4.4177,964 votes

Stick Veterans is an online action shooter where you play fast-paced death matches as stick figures. Experience the real-time action of shooting and fragging real players through chaotic battles in a huge collection of 3D and 2D maps made by the amazing game community. Explore exciting game modes such as Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Play 2D or 3D, create your own maps, explore customizable game rules, practice against bots, and discover many other surprises this exciting 3D shooter! Are you experienced enough to be the last Stick Veteran standing?

How to play Stick Veterans?

Move - WASD or Arrow keys

Shoot - Left mouse click

Change weapons - Numeric keys or mouse wheel

Change POV - Right mouse click

Respawn - Left mouse click or Space bar

Throw grenade - F

Pause - ESC

Scoreboard - TAB

Who created Stick Veterans?

Stick Veterans is created by Junkbytes. This is their first game on Poki!