Under the Red Sky

Dedra Games4.3600 votes

Under The Red Sky is a 3D parkour game where speed is king! Your goal is to get the the end of each level as quick as possible by taking one of the many different routes possible, or by finding your own! Climb, jump, bounce and wall run your way around the maps and see if you can beat your best time! Looks for cool new routes and ways to complete each level, each level is a playground!

How to play Under The Red Sky?

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump: Spacebar

Who created Under The Red Sky?

Under The Red Sky is created by Dedra Games. Play their other games on Poki: OvO Classic, OvO Dimensions, Quivershot and Fantasy Merger

How can I play Under The Red Sky for free?

You can play Under The Red Sky for free on Poki.