Julien Mourer4.058,800 votes is a cool fusion between a puzzle game and a skill game. You are a blocky character and you can move by using the recoil of bombs that you are throwing. Try to reach the green door to finish the level. The first couple of levels are more or less easy, but after a while you are really challenged. Timing is everything in this game and try to get 3 stars for each level that you complete.

How to play:

Use your mouse to aim your bombs and fly forward using the recoil.
hint: Sometimes a level requires a fast response to get three stars. Use 'r' to restart so you can click right away.

About the creator: was created by Julien Mourer a.k.a. Getkey which oddly enough has an assonance with Yeti. This is a french developer based in a cave in the mountains near Grenoble.