Maze: Path of Light

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Maze: Path of Light is a thinking puzzle game where you go through a maze as a beam of light. Your objective is to reach the end of each maze to get to the next level. You move around by picking a direction at each crossroad, sending the beam of light to follow the path. Think of which path is the best to take before choosing ! Are you ready to relax with this satisfying labyrinth game ?

How to play:

Wait for the beam of light to reach a crossroad, then select a path to choose by clicking on the dots of light. You can also select a path with Arrow Keys or WASD

About the creator:

Maze: Path of Light was created by Play their other games on Poki: Energy, Infinity Loop: Hex, Merge Shapes, Shapes, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Sudoblocks, Wood Blocks 3D

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