Infinity Loop: Hex

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Infinity Loop: Hex is a thinking game where you create looping patterns by rotating all the shapes and lines on your screen. You can solve a wide collection of meticulously designed colorful and relaxing puzzles on a hexagonal board. Simply tap using your finger or click with your mouse to rotate a shape. Do the same with all of the other lines to create closed shapes. There isn't a timer or any other kind of pressure. Infinity Loop: Hex just lets you bring the pieces together on your own pace. The game even lets you snap a quick photo of the final result when you've assembled all the pieces. This clean and simple puzzle experience allows you to build loops in a new way, and also helps you improve your focus and attention levels.

How to play Infinity Loop: Hex?

Use your left mouse button or finger to rotate every individual piece to create looping patterns.

Who created Infinity Loop: Hex?

Infinity Loop: Hex was created by InfinityGames, a game development team based in Portugal. Play their other puzzle games on Poki: Spider Solitaire, Energy, Infinity Loop, Merge Shapes, Shapes, Sudoblocks, Solitaire and Wood Blocks 3D