Blumgi Dragon

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Blumgi Dragon is a cute action game where you become all kinds of amazing dragons engaging in thrilling arena battles against bomb enemies! The mission is to rescue fellow dragons captured by these explosive foes. The gameplay is straightforward: a single tap or click fires a fireball, while another tap teleports you to the fireball's location. The best part? Team up with friends to control your dragons together! Are you ready to become the ultimate dragon master?

How to play Blumgi Dragon?

Click your mouse or tap the space bar to fire and teleport.

Who created Blumgi Dragon?

Blumgi Dragon is created by Blumgi. Play their other fun arcade games on Poki: Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Slime, Blumgi Bloom, Blumgi Ball, Blumgi Castle, Swingo!

How can I play Blumgi Dragon for free?

You can play Blumgi Dragon for free on Poki.

Can I play Blumgi Dragon on mobile devices and desktop?

Blumgi Dragon can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Can I play Blumgi Dragon with my friend?

Yes! Blumgi Dragon is a single or local multiplayer game so you can play with your friend at the same computer!