Slime Laboratory

Neutronized4.3142,329 votes

Slime Laboratory is a is a physics-based platform game where you embark on a slimy journey through a mysterious laboratory. Avoid all traps and hazards you see, squeeze through gaps, stick on hard surfaces and climb high platforms! Do whatever it takes to sneak past a variety of dangerous obstacles in order to reach the checkered finish safely. Don't forget to pick up every disk you see on your way. Red floppy disks grant 500 points while blue grant 200 points and black grants 100 points. Are you ready for this sticky situation? Slime Laboratory has a total of fifteen levels, can you finish all of them without dying?

How to play Slime Laboratory?

Move - Left/Right arrows

Jump - Upward arrow

Down - Downward arrow

Who created Slime Laboratory?

Slime Laboratory was created by Neutronized. Play their other classic games on Poki: Snow Tale, Picnic Penguin, Magic Bridge, lost-yeti, Drop Wizard Tower and Slime Pizza

How can I play Slime Laboratory for free?

You can play Slime Laboratory for free on Poki.

Can I play Slime Laboratory on mobile devices and desktop?

Slime Laboratory can only be played on your computer for now.