Dyna Boy

Neutronized4.542,211 votes

Dyna Boy is an adventure game where you are a brave miner on a mission to gather all the gems on your way. Blast away blocks and dangerous creatures with TNT to clear a path, and watch out for all kinds of traps! Can you make your way out of the dangerous underground world?

How to play Dyna Boy?

  • Move: use WASD or the arrow keys
  • Drop the TNT: Spacebar

How to play Dyna Boy with two players?

Player 1

  • Move: use WASD
  • Drop the TNT: Spacebar

Player 2

  • Move: use the arrow keys
  • Drop the TNT: Ctrl

Who created Dyna Boy?

Dyna Boy is created by Neutronized. Play their other game on Poki: Slime Laboratory, Slime Laboratory 2, Snow Tale, Picnic Penguin, Magic Bridge, Lost Yeti, Yokai Dungeon, Mimelet, Drop Wizard Tower and Slime Pizza!

How can I play Dyna Boy for free?

You can play Dyna Boy for free on Poki.

Can I play Dyna Boy on mobile devices and desktop?

Dyna Boy can only be played on your computer for now.