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From the creator of Dunkers, Temple of Boom, Golf Zero, and more comes Fortz, the two-player game about destroying your opponent’s base. Use your turret, your wits and a selection of wacky weapons to bring down your enemy! Play Fortz for free with a second player on the same computer for maximum hilarity. This Fortz online version offers a fully-featured level editor for custom carnage, as well as a number of premade levels for you and your friends to destroy each other! It’s time to settle the score – play Fortz on Poki to put an end to any argument between you and a friend!


Player 1:
W, A, D - Move (ground)
W, S - Aim (turret)
D - Shoot
S - Place block (ground)

Player 2:
Up, left, right arrow keys - Move (ground)
Up, down arrow keys - Aim (turret)
Left arrow key - Shoot
Down arrow key - Place block (ground)

Tips and tricks:
- Don’t forget to regularly reload your turret – it won’t fire if it’s empty!
- Check out the level select feature for more interesting block arrangements.

About the creator:
Fortz is brought to you by Colin Lane Games, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Colin Lane is a one-man development outfit that has also created the smash hits Dunkers, Dunkers 2, Wrassling, Temple of Boom, and Golf Zero.