Apple Knight: Fight

Limitless LLC4.053,985 votes

Apple Knight: Fight is a 2-player action platform game where you're battling against another knight in a multi-platform arena that's full of unique weapons. You can play the Single Player mode to fight against AI, or the Player Versus Player mode if you feel like having a match with a mate. All you have to do is deplete your enemy's health bar by any means necessary. Hit the cannon at the right time to launch it against your foe for a great damage. If you don't like ranged and projectiles, you can go straight to melee and attack with your trusty sword, or pick up the loot dropped by the wizard and try using them. Are you ready to fight every knight you face using cannons, swords, explosives, special power-ups, and most importantly, apples?

How to play Apple Knight: Fight?

Player 1

  • Move - A/D keys
  • Jump - W
  • Attack - S
  • Ability - C
  • Dash/Dodge - V

Player 2

  • Move - Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump - Up
  • Attack - Down
  • Ability - K
  • Dash/Dodge - L

Who created Apple Knight: Fight?

Apple Knight is created by Limitless LLC. Play their other adventure games on Poki: Apple Knight and Viking Village

How can I play Apple Knight: Fight for free?

You can play Apple Knight: Fight for free on Poki.

Can I play Apple Knight: Fight on mobile and desktop?

Apple Knight: Fight is only playable on your desktop computer.