Apple Knight Golf

Limitless4.47,533 votes

In Apple Knight Golf, Apple Knight takes a different approach to beating his enemies. Instead of fighting them head-on with his sword, he will fight them using the power of golf! In each of the 15 levels, you will have to shoot your apple across the map, hitting every enemy in the progress. Defeat them all and the hole at the end of the level will unlock. Shoot the ball into the hole and you win! Be careful of spikes or pitfalls however, one fall into one of those and its game over. Can you master the art of apple golf in Apple Knight Golf?

How to play Apple Knight Golf?

  • Click and drag to aim where you want to shoot!
  • Release the mouse to shoot the apple!

Who created Apple Knight Golf?

Apple Knight Golf was created by Limitless. Play their other game on Poki: Apple Knight, Apple Knight: Fight, Apple Knight: Mini Dungeons and Viking Village!

How can I play Apple Knight Golf for free?

You can play Apple Knight Golf for free on Poki.

Can I play Apple Knight Golf on mobile devices and desktop?

Apple Knight Golf can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.