Cave Chaos

Nitrome4.621,840 votes

Cave Chaos is a multiplayer platforming game created by Nitrome. You're a miner whose goal is to escape a collapsing cave. Start running immediately and pick up the loot on your way before reaching the end of the level. Jump over the boxes swiftly but carefully to avoid falling alongside the rocks. Don't forget to make use of the power-ups such as double-jump, invincibility and bombs. There is so much to explore in Starfish Cove. Play Cave Chaos with a friend to maximize the fun!

How to play:

Move - Left/Right arrow keys or A/D
Jump - Up or Space bar

About the creator:

Cave Chaos is created by Nitrome. Play their other games Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice-Cream 3 on Poki!