Cave Chaos 2

Nitrome4.513,496 votes

Cave Chaos 2 is a multiplayer platforming game created by Nitrome were the user plays as a miner escaping from a cave. Help this little miner escape safe and sound! Run away from the collapsing cave and make sure to pick up the loot on your way before reaching the end of the level. Jump over enemies, barrels and all kinds of obstacles, and be careful not to slip between the rocks. Don't forget to make use of the power-ups! Play Cave Chaos 2 with a friend to maximize the fun!

How to play:

Move - Left/Right arrow keys or A/D
Jump - Up or Space bar

About the creator:

Cave Chaos 2 is created by Nitrome. Play the first installment of the saga ave-chaos, and their other games Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice-Cream 3, on Poki!