Test Subject Blue

Nitrome4.39,080 votes

Test Subject Blue is an adventure platformer game developed by Nitrome on 2 March 2011. You are a scientist performing experiments with organic creatures. This platform game puts you into the middle of complicated science labs and puts an emphasis on collecting items. In each level, you must acquire enzymes to create chemical reactions. Leap from platform to platform, transport through glowing walls and finish all the stages. Are you ready to experiment?

How to play:

Move - Arrow Keys
Shoot - Space Key

About the creator:

Test Subject Blue is created by Nitrome and ported to HTML5 by AwayFL. Check out other Nitrome games on Poki: Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2, Bad Ice-Cream 3, Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2, Mutiny, Skywire and Twin Shot.