Drifting Games

If you like the smell of burning rubber, then Poki's free Drifting Games is the place to be. Drifting is a very challenging skill, but next to looking super cool it allows you to turn faster. Why slow down before making a turn if you can drift through it? Next to drifting being faster, some people refer to it as artistic. Next to experiencing the smell and sound, you can try to make the ultimate Car Doughnut. Have a 3D Games experience in our Drifting Games that consists out of Car Games and Racing Games.

Drifting is an official driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction on the tires, however still remaining in control. It was popularized in Japan in the '70s and later carried over to the rest of the world. Drifting is recognized as a sport and many competitions are held around it. The speed, angle, race lines, and showmanship are all being judged.

We offer online Drifting Games for your PC, mobile phone, and tablet. Play our Drifting Games for free without downloading, just play them directly in your browser. Enjoy drifting away and start burning rubber here on Poki!

What are the best free Drifting Games online?

  1. Shift to Drift
  2. Top Speed 3D
  3. Burnout Extreme Drift 2
  4. City Car Driving: Stunt Master
  5. Burnout Drift: Seaport Max
  6. Car Simulator Arena
  7. Sling Drift
  8. Car Drift Racers 2
  9. 3D Car Simulator
  10. Drift Hunters

What are the most popular Drifting Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Shift to Drift
  2. Turn Right