Crazy Road Trip

Purrfect Games4.31,789 votes

It's time to put the paddle to the metal in Crazy Road Trip! In this high-speed driving game, you take control of a car that always drive forward. It's up to you to drive and drift it through the different stages and get to the other end in one piece. You can unlock 14 unique vehicles to drive around in - from monster trucks to race cars to even a toilet on wheels! If you think you're a real expert at drifting, try out Expert Mode! In this mode, you only get one life - so run into a single wall and it's game over. Only the very best drivers can finish all 30 levels on this mode. Let's hit the road!

How to play Crazy Road Trip?

  • Use the A/D or the Left and Right arrow key to move!

Who created Crazy Road Trip?

Crazy Road Trip was created by Purrfect Games. This is their first game on Poki!

How can I play Crazy Road Trip for free?

You can play Crazy Road Trip for free on Poki.

Can I play Crazy Road Trip on mobile devices and desktop?

Crazy Road Trip can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.