String Theory Remastered

Lukas Donkers4.540,981 votes

String Theory is a puzzle game where you have to use strings to guide either your ball or square to the right places. There are different strings that move in different ways. The yellow string can be moved freely, this is great for picking up objects and moving them to another place. The red string is solid and can be used to either block the way, or hit an object like a golf club. The blue string can be used to bounce objects around. Be mindful though, because the blue string can break! The game has a nice background and features a cool storyline told by the narrators. There are 19 levels to complete in order to beat the game. Can you beat String Theory?

How to play:

Move strings by clicking with your mouse on them. Hold your mouse and move the strings around. Stuck? There is a reset button on the top right. 

About the creator:

String Theory was created by Lukas Donkers. This is his first game on Poki!